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Getting that morning workout…or not…

How to get started on morning workouts….even just a jog around the vineyard block? 
For the life of me I can’t seem to ever get up early enough to get a morning workout in. Needless to say…I’ve never been a morning person…except for when Saturday morning cartoons were on when I was a little kid.
Hell, I’d like to go to the gym even if I could.  It’s on my way to work.  And they do have showers of course.
But I just can never get up early enough, or if I do I stay in a half asleep state until like, 7:30, which is when I usually get up and get ready for the day. 
A solution must be found.

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One more thing…

I’ll try to remember to take a new picture of myself to compare to the last ‘update’ picture i took back in November. I did this back in January, when i didnt loose but 2 lbs in 2 months, but the difference was still there.
I’m interested to see what difference there is now ūüôā For sure though, i am dropping pant size! I’m already 2 pant sizes smaller than the biggest pant size i ever had to wear. I just bought some new pants about 3 weeks ago and those are already getting loose too!


Finally! An Update!

Well hello there WordPress world!  Its been a while since my last post.  Since the holidays its been busy and went thru a bit of a lull with my workouts and diet.  Getting sick with the flu a couple times didnt help that either, haha.

But anyways, the last month and a half or so i’ve been back on track with working out, and my diet is coming along. ¬†One thing that has been holding me back still is that i get horrible heartburn. ¬†Like…lasting 6-12 hours heartburn. ¬†The last week it hasnt been nearly as bad, just like annoying indigestion, but it still throws me off my game. ¬†Basically i just need to watch what i eat, but it still varies day by day. ¬†One day i can have rice with brocolli and chicken and be fine…but then the next day if i have the same thing it’ll make my stomach angry. ¬†Thats a good way to put it…angry stomach syndrome, haha!

I had a good workout tonight though. ¬†Usually i dont workout on Monday’s, its my normal grocery shopping day. ¬†But i have some frozen meals in the freezer still so i dont have to worry about that until later this week. ¬†But regardless…my abs are already feeling sore, definitely worked those out pretty hard today. ¬†Legs too, my hamstrings are getting sore too. ¬†I had my protein shake, but didnt go in the sauna as its raining here in Norcal and the mix of a small hot room and cold wet rain once outside would not feel to happy. ¬†

Anyways…just wanted to give a little bit of an update. ¬†As far as my weight and measurements go, i’ve lost another 4 lbs since the end of January, i’ve lost a total of 9 inches off my waist, and i can not only feel myself getting stronger, but i can see the physical changes/results from my hard work and that is further motivating me.

Until next time (which should hopefully be alot sooner than this post from my last post in November!) ttyl!

P.S. ¬†I thank my boyfriend, Hernan, for keeping on reminding me these last few weeks to update my blog. ¬†Without you i wouldnt have the courage and motivation to work on myself or to write about it. ¬†‚̧ Love you baby, forever and always.

Its not all fun and games

This week has been a very rollercoaster week.¬† I dont even want to say its been a hectic week…because hectic weeks i can handle and still be emotionally in tact.¬† But this week…was a rollercoaster of a week.¬† There is always going to be the one tiny little thing that makes you just snap basically.¬† The piece of straw that breaks the camels back.¬† The pea under the matress…uhhh….i cant think of any more metaphors…but i think you get the idea.

Anyways…emotionally its been a wild week.¬† But going to the gym, working out all of the frustrations physically by lifting weights and tiring myself out is what got me thru it all.¬† Especially yesterday (Thursday).¬†

Thursday’s workout felt liberating.¬† I was focused, despite how the rest of the day had been going, and i kicked that workouts ass ūüėȬ† It was arm/upper body day, and boy am i sore today!¬† I’ve definitely grown to enjoy the pain/soreness.¬† I know it means progress, which means results!

Next week i’m also going to (hopefully) go to the new BodyPump class that is being offered at the gym i go to.¬† Its an hour of weight training mixed with cardio, and it looks fun.¬† I got the thumbs up from my trainer too.¬† I think it’ll really help me get to the next level of progress, and it’ll get me in the gym for a third (or even fourth) day of the week.

Anywhos…i think that’ll be all for now.¬† No gym for me tomorrow; going to take another rest day, but i will do my stretches and some core exercises.¬† But i have to take both of my kitties to the vet tomorrow morning at 10.¬† One for her annual checkup, and the other is having an issue with his leg/knee joint popping out of place.¬† So hopefully that will all go well.


The right kind of addiction

This last week has been pretty good. ¬†Got in 3 workouts with my trainer this week since we had to miss a workout the week prior. ¬†Had a bit of a ‘am i getting sick’ scare, so spent 2 days drinking tea, alot of water, taking coldeeze so i could ward off any potential flu/cold that may have been trying to incapacitate me. ¬†Luckily it seems i won that fight ūüôā ¬†

Workouts this week went pretty good. ¬†Tuesday we had to cut short due to me overheating and we were thinking i might’ve been getting sick. ¬†But for what i did do on that workout, i was in total beast mode! ¬†lol. ¬†I was really upset not being able to finish the full hour, but a half an hour of tearing it up is nothing to shake a stick at either. ¬†My next workouts were on Thursday and Friday. ¬†Thursday was leg day….i am STILL feeling the soreness a full 4 days later. ¬†But what can i say, i do love leg day ūüôā ¬†Friday was back and arms, which was a very good workout as well. ¬†Took a good steady pace. ¬†I can feel myself progressing. ¬†Weights are being increased. ¬†Intensity is being increased. ¬†But none of it will matter unless i put my mind into it. ¬†Which seems to be my biggest holdback now.

I know that i can physically do my workouts…but when i just drop like a fly, its because my mind gives up. ¬†I really am working damn hard to get in to that focused frame of mind to where i just dont even think…i just do. ¬†I have moments of that intense focus, but i cant seem to harness it yet. ¬†So for me, at this point, that is my biggest challenge.

This week i’ll be back on with my 2 trainer workouts on tuesday and thursday. ¬†And at least one other workout on my own…but i really want to increase my workouts to 4 total days a week. ¬†2 trainer days, 2 personal days. ¬†Gosh, am i really getting addicted to this? ¬†I think i am ūüėČ but it is the best kind of addiction though. ¬†And i dont plan on ever giving it up.

The challenge of waking up Early

So for the last several days i’ve been getting myself in the habit of waking up early, around 6am. Which since the time change, thats been going really well.
So last night i decided i was finally in the habit enough to go for a jog in the early morning, which is what i’ve been working myself up to doing.
Well, this morning…..slept RIGHT THRU my early alarm! I still woke up with some time, but not enough time to get my running gear on and go out for a decent jog. I’m not letting it get me down though. Tomorrow is another day and i will just try my best to not sleep thru my alarm, and get up and going.
At least instead of my jog i did get 15 minutes of core exercises and a bit of yoga in. Just to stretch and work some muscles. I do exercises throughout my day at work too, usually pushups, chair squats, and going for a walk around the warehouse.
I also have a workout tonight with my trainer. Last week was a bit of a dud week after Tuesday. Just too busy and schedules werent compatible to get a second workout in with my trainer. Not to mention on Saturday i lost just all motivation and did absolutely nothing. I’m grateful though that my boyfriend kept me eating healthier food, despite my major junk food cravings. Gosh i love him ūüôā ‚̧
Anyways, i think this’ll be it for now. I know i havent made a big update post in a while…so i guess consider this part 1? Part 2 i’ll try to post later tonight after my workout.

Today’s workout – Cardio Day!

– 15 minutes start in Sauna

– 10 minutes on treadmill alternating between walking and running every other minute

– 10 minutes on the row machine

– 10 minutes on the stairmaster

– finish with another 15 minutes in the sauna

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Workout time!

Feel the buuurrrrn!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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And Monday is done

I hope everyone had a good Monday. ¬†Especially those of you who had to work..luckily for me, i got the day off ūüôā

Had a pretty easy morning…slept in a bit, had my breakfast and coffee as normal. ¬†Around 11am my mom and i decided to go take a drive up silverado trail here in Napa and headed all the way up to Calistoga, stopping here and there to take pictures of the beautiful autumn in wine country scenery. ¬†Went down some of the back back roads, which were fun to explore too. ¬†Here are a few photo’s i took of our little trip:

1377148_10151722643622939_1500817081_n 1392439_10151722642847939_131336553_n 1390604_10151722641592939_1896176038_n 1234597_10151722643237939_575197137_n


These are just the ones i took with my phone, there are more we took on the cameras that we still need to upload.  But needless to say, it was a gorgeous day out.

We stopped for lunch at Buster’s Southern BBQ Joint in Calistoga….mmmmm mmmm mmmmmm!!!!!!! ¬† Love me some bbq tri tip sandwich. ¬†A bit of a splurge, but i dont get up to Calistoga very often, so it is a once in a while treat for me. ¬†BBQ is my weakness… 0_o

Anywho’s, we drove back down hwy 29 in to Napa, did some shopping then headed home. ¬†Once home, got ready for my workout with my trainer.

Ate my preworkout meal of Oatmeal mixed with a scoop of protein powder, yum. ¬†Got to the gym, did my workout, worked mostly upper body, chest, arms, and my legs a bit too…and managed to make it thru my whole hour workout session! ¬†WAHOO! ¬†Sat in the sauna for about 15-20 minutes after my workout, which felt sooo nice ūüôā

Before my workout, took another update photo…i can really start to see the results kicking in…definitely lost weight, and looking a more toned then i did back in early September when i started this journey. ¬†I’ve come a long way since then. ¬†When i started, i couldn’t do full leg raises on my own…now, i can do them mostly unassisted, and only need assist when i’m on the final set and the few final reps of that set. ¬†So i have definately come far, more than i think i really realize at this time.


Weekend Laziness

Well this weekend was a very lazy weekend for me. ¬†Both saturday and sunday i meant to go to the gym for a workout….but both mornings i slept in and had to go do other things. ¬†Once chores were done, i just wanted (and accomplished) to lay around and play GTA 5. ¬†At least i ate mostly healthy this weekend, mainly watching my portions.

But anyways…i have a day off today. ¬†Spending some time with my mom, we’re going to go out to this vineyard a few minutes away from our house to take pictures of the fall colors. ¬†Then going to go do a bit of shopping (i’m in need of new everyday shoes).

I then have a workout session with my trainer at 5:30 today. ¬†Since i’m not working we scheduled it earlier in the day, which will be nice for a change, lol…instead of finishing my workout at 9:00 like if it is after work for me.

But anyways, update on my Cat, Furby Рhe is doing much better now.  Back to his normal self.  He is on steroidal eye drops and antibiotics.  We do not know exactly what virus he contracted, but the fact he is making a full recovery is all i am concerned with.

Anyways…going to go get ready to go out and take pictures and shopping. ¬†Today should be a good day ūüôā

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