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One more thing…

I’ll try to remember to take a new picture of myself to compare to the last ‘update’ picture i took back in November. I did this back in January, when i didnt loose but 2 lbs in 2 months, but the difference was still there.
I’m interested to see what difference there is now ūüôā For sure though, i am dropping pant size! I’m already 2 pant sizes smaller than the biggest pant size i ever had to wear. I just bought some new pants about 3 weeks ago and those are already getting loose too!



Finally! An Update!

Well hello there WordPress world!  Its been a while since my last post.  Since the holidays its been busy and went thru a bit of a lull with my workouts and diet.  Getting sick with the flu a couple times didnt help that either, haha.

But anyways, the last month and a half or so i’ve been back on track with working out, and my diet is coming along. ¬†One thing that has been holding me back still is that i get horrible heartburn. ¬†Like…lasting 6-12 hours heartburn. ¬†The last week it hasnt been nearly as bad, just like annoying indigestion, but it still throws me off my game. ¬†Basically i just need to watch what i eat, but it still varies day by day. ¬†One day i can have rice with brocolli and chicken and be fine…but then the next day if i have the same thing it’ll make my stomach angry. ¬†Thats a good way to put it…angry stomach syndrome, haha!

I had a good workout tonight though. ¬†Usually i dont workout on Monday’s, its my normal grocery shopping day. ¬†But i have some frozen meals in the freezer still so i dont have to worry about that until later this week. ¬†But regardless…my abs are already feeling sore, definitely worked those out pretty hard today. ¬†Legs too, my hamstrings are getting sore too. ¬†I had my protein shake, but didnt go in the sauna as its raining here in Norcal and the mix of a small hot room and cold wet rain once outside would not feel to happy. ¬†

Anyways…just wanted to give a little bit of an update. ¬†As far as my weight and measurements go, i’ve lost another 4 lbs since the end of January, i’ve lost a total of 9 inches off my waist, and i can not only feel myself getting stronger, but i can see the physical changes/results from my hard work and that is further motivating me.

Until next time (which should hopefully be alot sooner than this post from my last post in November!) ttyl!

P.S. ¬†I thank my boyfriend, Hernan, for keeping on reminding me these last few weeks to update my blog. ¬†Without you i wouldnt have the courage and motivation to work on myself or to write about it. ¬†‚̧ Love you baby, forever and always.

November 3 – Photo Update



16lbs total lost
Can now fit into pants I couldn’t fit into a year ago.

Ok, headed to the gym now!

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So I am actually typing this in the sauna at the gym right now. I figure why not…the sauna makes me focused. Aside from the copious amounts of sweat going down my face and back right now. Lol

Well, had a good workout today on my own.¬† Did a 24 minute mile…not bad!


After I cooled off a bot from the treadmill, went and did my strength training. Mainly worked my back and shoulders, but also my legs, abs and arms a bit too. And of course did all/most of my sets to work my core as well.

I’ve really started to see and feel a difference in my strength, endurance, and just my physical abilities. My pants are very loose on me now, to the point where I really need to invest in a belt. Lol

Sometime in this next week we should be taking my measurements again after a month of hard work.¬† So I’m interested to see how much I’ve lost as far as my measurements go.

Anyways….getting really sweaty here in the sauna so I’m gonna go for now. But before I do, here is another update photo!¬†
Definitely seeing results!!!


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And Monday is done

I hope everyone had a good Monday. ¬†Especially those of you who had to work..luckily for me, i got the day off ūüôā

Had a pretty easy morning…slept in a bit, had my breakfast and coffee as normal. ¬†Around 11am my mom and i decided to go take a drive up silverado trail here in Napa and headed all the way up to Calistoga, stopping here and there to take pictures of the beautiful autumn in wine country scenery. ¬†Went down some of the back back roads, which were fun to explore too. ¬†Here are a few photo’s i took of our little trip:

1377148_10151722643622939_1500817081_n 1392439_10151722642847939_131336553_n 1390604_10151722641592939_1896176038_n 1234597_10151722643237939_575197137_n


These are just the ones i took with my phone, there are more we took on the cameras that we still need to upload.  But needless to say, it was a gorgeous day out.

We stopped for lunch at Buster’s Southern BBQ Joint in Calistoga….mmmmm mmmm mmmmmm!!!!!!! ¬† Love me some bbq tri tip sandwich. ¬†A bit of a splurge, but i dont get up to Calistoga very often, so it is a once in a while treat for me. ¬†BBQ is my weakness… 0_o

Anywho’s, we drove back down hwy 29 in to Napa, did some shopping then headed home. ¬†Once home, got ready for my workout with my trainer.

Ate my preworkout meal of Oatmeal mixed with a scoop of protein powder, yum. ¬†Got to the gym, did my workout, worked mostly upper body, chest, arms, and my legs a bit too…and managed to make it thru my whole hour workout session! ¬†WAHOO! ¬†Sat in the sauna for about 15-20 minutes after my workout, which felt sooo nice ūüôā

Before my workout, took another update photo…i can really start to see the results kicking in…definitely lost weight, and looking a more toned then i did back in early September when i started this journey. ¬†I’ve come a long way since then. ¬†When i started, i couldn’t do full leg raises on my own…now, i can do them mostly unassisted, and only need assist when i’m on the final set and the few final reps of that set. ¬†So i have definately come far, more than i think i really realize at this time.


Good Workout Yesterday

Had a very good workout yesterday with my trainer.  And the day before i had a good workout on my own too.

I started off doing assisted pull ups…omg that was intense! ¬†But i muscled thru it (no pun intended) ūüėČ ¬†Did 21’s, which i actually enjoyed. ¬†(video of what 21’s are below if you don’t know…but i did them with far less weight than the guy in the video…i beleive i did 20 lbs? ¬†Not quite sure)


But overall, for the workout worked my back, abs, and arms a bit. ¬†The soreness is starting to kick in this morning too, but i’m getting to the point where i enjoy the soreness. ¬†Cant quite describe why, but i suppose it is soothing in a way? ¬†Knowing that i’ve worked those muscles and exhausted them and they are building and getting stronger. ¬†Wow, that was alot of ‘ands’.

Today is a rest day = eat good and keep active, but take it easy ūüėČ ¬† Tomorrow i have another workout with my trainer after work. ¬†He said we’ll be working on cardio, a little bit of weights, just to work the muscles a bit, and we’re doing boxing. ¬†I’m pretty excited about the boxing, as i’ve never done that before.

More than anything, since i’ve started working out, especially with my trainer, i’ve gotten out of my comfort zone. ¬†Which has allowed me to feel more confident that i can do things that i’ve never done before (not just in regards to working out), and that there is something in my life that i can and will accomplish on my own accord and determination.

Until later!


So i weighed myself this morning….i’ve lost a total of 12 lbs since i started this journey! ¬†ūüėÄ HAPPY DANCE HAPPY DANCE HAPPY DANCE!!!!




Ok, i think thats enough dancing gifs ūüėČ ¬†sorry about that! ¬†But i am incredibly happy about how my progress has gone so far. ¬†i am beginning to look a bit slimmer/toned (even though i DO still have over 100lbs to loose at this point) but the point is i can see results beginning to emerge.

Its been tough so far, physically and mentally. ¬†But i’ve been able to push thru it all and keep positive. ¬†Especially now that i can see all this hard work paying off, there is no reason for me to slow down, or quit. ¬†There is no turning back now, i never want to be anywhere near the weight and health i was at before i started this journey, or even where i am now.

And on that note. ¬†Time to eat my breakfast – Oatmeal with Cranberries and a scoop of protein powder (YUM!) and then headed off to the gym for a solo workout. ¬†My trainer couldn’t keep the appt today, but that is no reason to skip a workout. ¬†Going to go in and do some time on the treadmill & rowing machine. ¬†Maybe some strength training, but we’ll see ūüėČ ¬†i could use a bit of a break from it, my arms are still sore!

Until later!

To add to my post from earlier


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Pushing myself

I had all intentions of making this post yesterday, but not having my laptop with me, and playing GTA 5 prevented me from actually getting around to it. ¬†ūüėõ

But anywhos….had workout #3 with my Personal Trainer (PT) yesterday. ¬†Did a good 55 minutes…5 minutes short of my alotted time. ¬†Had to stop short due to me pushing myself to the point of nearly up-chucking all over the floor. ¬†I really pushed myself as hard as i could yesterday, but it felt like my body was really fighting against me every step of the way. ¬†Trying to do these step ups (on about a 12 inch step up), my right knee just gave up and got weak…i was able to get thru 2 1/2 sets of 20 of those, but i really wish i could’ve finished them. ¬†Even now, though my body was essentially telling me to stop, i really want to finish that last 1/2 set. ¬†Is that what they call determination? ¬†I think so, maybe?

After my strength cardio warm up (the step ups previously mentioned as well as doing jumping jacks), we moved on to working my upper body and core: ¬†arms, chest, back, abs. ¬†Working on all of those machines felt good, i was able to push thru all the reps he knew i could do, even if by the last 2 or 3 reps of the set i was probably making some pretty funny faces because it did hurt to push thru those last few. ¬†ūüėõ

By the 3/4 mark my stomach really started to churn and i pushed thru the last few sets as best as i could, but by the 50/55 minute mark, i knew if i kept going, i was just going to have a very embarrassing moment up-chucking right there in front of everyone. ¬†So i called it while i was still ahead. ¬†I really pushed myself as hard and as far as i could yesterday, but i know i could do better. ¬†My mind knows this…but but body doesnt yet.

After cooling off a bit out in the gym, let my stomach settle, my PT, Ausun, told me to sit in the dry sauna for 10-15 minutes to help increase the blood flow to my muscles, and help boost my metabolism, and i suppose also to help sweat out all the toxins in my body from years of unhealthy eating.  I really enjoyed the sauna, and felt so much better afterwards.  The sauna will be my new best friend after these workouts.

All in all, today i can feel EVERY muscle…and i mean E.V.E.R.Y. muscle that i worked yesterday, today. ¬†But its a good sore. ¬†I know it means that i did push my body to go as far as i can, that my muscles are building and getting stronger. ¬†And stronger muscles means my metabolism will increase, and increased metabolism means easier more efficient weight loss. ¬†Its a tough physical and mental road i am driving down…but the destination is worth all the pain and suffering that i will endure along the way.

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