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Monday is here again

Oh monday…its always a love/hate relationship with you, haha.  It means the beginning of a new week, new workouts….but it is Monday, which means back to work.
I wish that it was still the weekend, then again dont we all wish that?

Anyways, i had a pretty good weekend.  Saturday i slept in, which was nice.  Spent the rest of the day just hanging around, being lazy at my boyfriends house.  Though we did go and see the movie Gravity, which was really good. (My boyfriend was/is in the doghouse…so he needed to start to make it up to me).  In the evening went up to our friends place in Santa Rosa, had a couple drinks, played some games, watched movies…had a pretty good time.  Sunday (yesterday) i was able to wake up a bit earlier than i did saturday, though still not as early as i like (why is it that i just cant wake up early on the weekends…hmmm), but was able to get to the gym at a decent time.  Did my cardio workout, which was intense!  But it felt really good, and today i’ve got a nice dull soreness in my legs.  Went back home afterwards, showered, then went over to my boyfriends house, we went and did some shopping, got cat food, got starbucks coffee, then went back home and spent the rest of the day watching movies and relaxing.  OH, and i baked a cake which was

So anyways, today is a rest day for me, tomorrow i have a workout with my trainer after work.  Rest days are always so long and tedious 😉
Ok, gotta get ready for work now, i’ll try and post again later or tomorrow!

The cake i baked on Sunday. Devils Food Chocolate & White Cake marble with buttercream frosting.


Because its Friday

And we can all use something awesome to jump start the weekend 😉

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Is it really only Wednesday? Determination!

It really feels like this week should have flown by already and it should be Friday…anyone else agree with me?  Anyone?  Well at least the work week is half over.  🙂

Anywho’s!  Had my workout after work last night.  It was a good workout.  Worked my arms, back and core.  I can definitely feel that my arms are sore, hell, i lifted 70lbs on one machine!  But they dont feel as sore as i was expecting…at least not yet.  But once again once i got to the 50/55 minute mark of my workout, i just hit a brick wall.  Felt dizzy/faint, and once i drank some water, felt instantly nauseous.  My PT thinks it may be a combination of, even though i am eating before my workout, its not enough for the energy i need to get thru my workout with no issues, and the pace we go at is a little too fast, since i am still pretty green to working out…and working out ‘correctly’ (ie:  not just doing some time on cardio equipment and calling it a day).

I am going to look in to a better meal option for pre workouts.  Not sure what that will be / can be yet, but i’m going to do my research on it (also, any suggestions you my readers have is appreciated too!  Just leave a comment 🙂  )

I am also having a post workout protein shake and fruit, usually a banana, so i feel good after my workout and such…but its what i do pre-workout that i need to figure out what it is i need to do exactly to make sure my body has the fuel to make it thru all 60 minutes.

I’m not discouraged about it….if anything, i’m more determined.  Determined to make the changes i need to in my lifestyle and diet to keep going and actually achieve my goals this time.

Anyways, that’ll have to be all for now.  Time to get ready for work and the day!  ttyl

Monday Morning

Is is Monday morning again?  Boy this weekend was too short…there really does need to be a day in between Saturday and Sunday.  haha 😛

Well i can at least say i had a good weekend.  Did my saturday workout with my PT, went and ran errands/went shopping with my boyfriend afterwards, one of which was picking up our copy of GTA V.  And on that note, you can probably assume what we spent the rest of our weekend doing 😉  yup, thats right, playing GTA V.  🙂

On sunday we just spent a day relaxing at home.  Made a really yummy dinner:  Spicy lean turkey loaf (which included poblano peppers, home made salsa, onions, and seasoning), garlic mashed potatoes and steamed carrots & green beans.  It was very delicious and healthy.

Anyways…the time is approaching now to get ready for work…oh how i wish it were Sunday again 😉  But gotta get out and make that money!

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