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Its not all fun and games

This week has been a very rollercoaster week.  I dont even want to say its been a hectic week…because hectic weeks i can handle and still be emotionally in tact.  But this week…was a rollercoaster of a week.  There is always going to be the one tiny little thing that makes you just snap basically.  The piece of straw that breaks the camels back.  The pea under the matress…uhhh….i cant think of any more metaphors…but i think you get the idea.

Anyways…emotionally its been a wild week.  But going to the gym, working out all of the frustrations physically by lifting weights and tiring myself out is what got me thru it all.  Especially yesterday (Thursday). 

Thursday’s workout felt liberating.  I was focused, despite how the rest of the day had been going, and i kicked that workouts ass 😉  It was arm/upper body day, and boy am i sore today!  I’ve definitely grown to enjoy the pain/soreness.  I know it means progress, which means results!

Next week i’m also going to (hopefully) go to the new BodyPump class that is being offered at the gym i go to.  Its an hour of weight training mixed with cardio, and it looks fun.  I got the thumbs up from my trainer too.  I think it’ll really help me get to the next level of progress, and it’ll get me in the gym for a third (or even fourth) day of the week.

Anywhos…i think that’ll be all for now.  No gym for me tomorrow; going to take another rest day, but i will do my stretches and some core exercises.  But i have to take both of my kitties to the vet tomorrow morning at 10.  One for her annual checkup, and the other is having an issue with his leg/knee joint popping out of place.  So hopefully that will all go well.



Long days

The last couple of days have been long for me.  On Tuesday had a workout with my trainer, which was good and fun.  We did boxing and lots of strength cardio; needless to say i was very tired and very sore the next day.  Although surprisingly, the muscle soreness didn’t kick in until late in the day.

Yesterday though, one of my kitties, Furby, i had to take to the vet.  His head was twitching and his left eye actually changed colors.  After the vet exam, it turns out that he has uveitus, which is what caused his eye to change color (excess proteins in the fluid in his eye).  And it is a painful thing to have, which is why his head was twitching, the inflammation of his eye was pushing on a nerve causing the twitch.
For now he is on steroidal eye drops for that left eye, which so far has been helping alot.  His eye is clearing up, he is actually playful more than he has in days, and his head isn’t twitching any more.  I was very worried because my first thought was he got in to a poison or something and it was causing neurological issues.  But thank god that is not, or at least doesnt appear to be the case.
The uveitus is a symtom though of something else going on with him though.  So the vet took some blood work and i should hear the results of those tests today, which should indicate what is the underlying cause is.  Most likely it is due to a virus he had last week.  Last week he had been under the weather with a slight ‘cold’, and that virus that he had could’ve caused secondary issues.  But i will find out today what the tests show.

So yea, basically the last couple of days have been stressful for me.  Had to call in to work yesterday to take care of my cat, and had to cancel my workout with my trainer.  Now i gotta figure out when to reschedule that.

Anyways, until later!

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