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Keeping Positive

Today for me i wouldn’t say was a bad day, but it felt like a fairly negative energy kind of day, which by the time i was going home made me feel mopey and rather sad i suppose is how i’d put it. 

Its not easy to think positively when you’re feeling down….especially for me.  But i just got to thinking about all the good things going on in my life; the things that make all the stress and frustration and negativity go away…at least for a little while.

But all in all, it was thinking about the more positive things in my life that made me snap out of my mopey mood, and feel better about where i am, how i’m doing, and where i am going.

If you’re ever feeling down yourself, just take some slow deep breaths, and remind yourself why you are here, where you want to be, and just keep telling yourself to be and think positively.

Positive thinking will lead to a positive life. 🙂

Update on workouts:

No workout for me today….rest day #2.  I’m thinking perhaps tomorrow i’ll go in to the gym, but honestly, i think i’ll rest up the rest of this work week and wait until Saturday morning for my next workout with my personal trainer.


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