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Thanksgiving Update

So i’ve had this post sitting as a draft now for three days.  Day 1, i couldnt figure out what i wanted to write…days 2 & 3, our internet was being very wonky.  Now i can finally sit down for a few minutes and type out this latest update.  🙂

Workouts have been going pretty good, last week i went hard on the workouts and was doing pretty good…pushed thru my mind telling me to quit which i am very proud of being able to do, which is something i’ve struggled with alot since i’ve started.  Just stay focused.  Yesterdays workout, that was my problem…i couldnt stay focused.  I had moments where i was focused and did really well, but when i was not doing as well as i know i can do, i wasn’t focused.  Not that i was nessesarily thinking about something else, but my mind was just not in my workout.

One thing i was very proud of being able to do in my workout yesterday, and this is where i was focused the entire time, was doing burpee lifts.  My trainer had me lift the bosu ball over my head, then (while still holding it) throw it down on the ground, then jump down into a push up position and do a regular push up, then jump my legs forward and back up into the lift.  I did a total of 15 of these!  If i take away any positive from my workout yesterday that was it.  🙂  Just the fact that i was able to do a regular pushup is a feat in itself!  I’ve only done women’s pushups up thru yesterday.

Overall though, i feel like i’m getting to that mental roadblock at the end of my first 3 months of workouts.  3 months is ALWAYS where i have quit in the past, and in the past i have never gone as hard as i’ve been going these past 3 months, so i am surprised i have actually made it this far already.  I just need to push past my mind wanting to give up, because my body, and my feelings are far from ready to give up at this point.  I’ve come too far already to give up, and i would regret and hate myself if i gave up at this point.  I can not go back to where i used to be.  I’m not even close to where i want to be, but i know it will take time.  I need to be (and i am) thankful for how far i have come so far, and just build on that day to day.

Especially with Thanksgiving being tomorrow, i still need to keep on track with my workouts and eating healthy.  Tomorrows dinner will be very good, which i am making btw.  I’m making spicy turkey loaf with mashed potatoes, corn & green beans, homestyle stuffing and cranberry jelly sauce.  With a pumpkin swirl cheesecake for dessert.  Its all about moderation!  As long as i eat well early in the day (and dont starve myself out in preparation for dinner), and keep my portions controlled at dinner, i will be ok i think 😉  Also going out for a walk around the neighborhood before and/or after will help too.

I will also, on my gym off days, will be doing some exercises with my new resistance bands that i got yesterday.  I need to look up a good routine i can do at home with these.  I did a few this morning based off the workout poster that came with the bands, mainly to stretch out my muscles.

Anywhos…i think this post is long enough now…if you’ve been able to read this far 😉
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Eat heartily but healthy!!!

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Is it really only Wednesday? Determination!

It really feels like this week should have flown by already and it should be Friday…anyone else agree with me?  Anyone?  Well at least the work week is half over.  🙂

Anywho’s!  Had my workout after work last night.  It was a good workout.  Worked my arms, back and core.  I can definitely feel that my arms are sore, hell, i lifted 70lbs on one machine!  But they dont feel as sore as i was expecting…at least not yet.  But once again once i got to the 50/55 minute mark of my workout, i just hit a brick wall.  Felt dizzy/faint, and once i drank some water, felt instantly nauseous.  My PT thinks it may be a combination of, even though i am eating before my workout, its not enough for the energy i need to get thru my workout with no issues, and the pace we go at is a little too fast, since i am still pretty green to working out…and working out ‘correctly’ (ie:  not just doing some time on cardio equipment and calling it a day).

I am going to look in to a better meal option for pre workouts.  Not sure what that will be / can be yet, but i’m going to do my research on it (also, any suggestions you my readers have is appreciated too!  Just leave a comment 🙂  )

I am also having a post workout protein shake and fruit, usually a banana, so i feel good after my workout and such…but its what i do pre-workout that i need to figure out what it is i need to do exactly to make sure my body has the fuel to make it thru all 60 minutes.

I’m not discouraged about it….if anything, i’m more determined.  Determined to make the changes i need to in my lifestyle and diet to keep going and actually achieve my goals this time.

Anyways, that’ll have to be all for now.  Time to get ready for work and the day!  ttyl

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