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Getting used to this

I’m beginning to get used to being sore now, in a good way.  Associating in my mind, that this soreness after these workouts are my muscles growing and building stronger.  Which is a great feeling to have. 🙂



Pushing myself

I had all intentions of making this post yesterday, but not having my laptop with me, and playing GTA 5 prevented me from actually getting around to it.  😛

But anywhos….had workout #3 with my Personal Trainer (PT) yesterday.  Did a good 55 minutes…5 minutes short of my alotted time.  Had to stop short due to me pushing myself to the point of nearly up-chucking all over the floor.  I really pushed myself as hard as i could yesterday, but it felt like my body was really fighting against me every step of the way.  Trying to do these step ups (on about a 12 inch step up), my right knee just gave up and got weak…i was able to get thru 2 1/2 sets of 20 of those, but i really wish i could’ve finished them.  Even now, though my body was essentially telling me to stop, i really want to finish that last 1/2 set.  Is that what they call determination?  I think so, maybe?

After my strength cardio warm up (the step ups previously mentioned as well as doing jumping jacks), we moved on to working my upper body and core:  arms, chest, back, abs.  Working on all of those machines felt good, i was able to push thru all the reps he knew i could do, even if by the last 2 or 3 reps of the set i was probably making some pretty funny faces because it did hurt to push thru those last few.  😛

By the 3/4 mark my stomach really started to churn and i pushed thru the last few sets as best as i could, but by the 50/55 minute mark, i knew if i kept going, i was just going to have a very embarrassing moment up-chucking right there in front of everyone.  So i called it while i was still ahead.  I really pushed myself as hard and as far as i could yesterday, but i know i could do better.  My mind knows this…but but body doesnt yet.

After cooling off a bit out in the gym, let my stomach settle, my PT, Ausun, told me to sit in the dry sauna for 10-15 minutes to help increase the blood flow to my muscles, and help boost my metabolism, and i suppose also to help sweat out all the toxins in my body from years of unhealthy eating.  I really enjoyed the sauna, and felt so much better afterwards.  The sauna will be my new best friend after these workouts.

All in all, today i can feel EVERY muscle…and i mean E.V.E.R.Y. muscle that i worked yesterday, today.  But its a good sore.  I know it means that i did push my body to go as far as i can, that my muscles are building and getting stronger.  And stronger muscles means my metabolism will increase, and increased metabolism means easier more efficient weight loss.  Its a tough physical and mental road i am driving down…but the destination is worth all the pain and suffering that i will endure along the way.

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Workout #2 – First session with my Personal Trainer

So i had my second workout tonight after work.  Boy oh boy was that the most intense workout i’ve done since sophomore year of highschool (if not even earlier than that…)
I cant even recall everything my personal trainer, Ausun, had me do.  It was just one thing after another, after another….and i surprisingly, to myself, was able to keep up with it!  Though i do think he was taking it a bit easy on me since this was my first official personal training session.

Anyways, worked my legs (ouch!), arms, abs, upper back, lower back….hell, pretty much everything!  One machine that i used today for the first time that i found was much more fun than i thought it would be was the Rowing machine.  It was  such a soothing flowing, but intense full body workout that i could feel every muscle working, but it wasnt a deep burn that i’ve come to know from working out; it was quite enjoyable.  All in all, Ausun had  me workout on about 10-15 different machines; and had me do ‘step-ups’…5 sets of 20 reps….100 step ups total.  Yikes!  Those honestly gave me the biggest workout.
I dont even really want to think about how it’ll be trying to roll out of bed tomorrow…in fact, that may be exactly how i get out of bed….just roll.

But i feel good after that insane workout…and thinking about it right now…it probably wasnt as insane as i think it was, but thats how it felt to me.  Hey, everyone has to start somewhere, and some (such as myself) have a bit more work to do than others.  I definitely am not a fit person (for now).  😉

Anyways, bedtime is calling my name…very tired tonight.  Took a hot shower to relax my muscles, and massaged my legs with arnica gel and took some magnesium to help with any leg cramps/stiffness.  Either way, i know that the photo below is something i may look in to investing in….haha 😉

Goodnight readers, sleep well!



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