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Monday Afternoon

Happy Monday!  A couple pics I took on my break at work.



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Monday is here again

Oh monday…its always a love/hate relationship with you, haha.  It means the beginning of a new week, new workouts….but it is Monday, which means back to work.
I wish that it was still the weekend, then again dont we all wish that?

Anyways, i had a pretty good weekend.  Saturday i slept in, which was nice.  Spent the rest of the day just hanging around, being lazy at my boyfriends house.  Though we did go and see the movie Gravity, which was really good. (My boyfriend was/is in the doghouse…so he needed to start to make it up to me).  In the evening went up to our friends place in Santa Rosa, had a couple drinks, played some games, watched movies…had a pretty good time.  Sunday (yesterday) i was able to wake up a bit earlier than i did saturday, though still not as early as i like (why is it that i just cant wake up early on the weekends…hmmm), but was able to get to the gym at a decent time.  Did my cardio workout, which was intense!  But it felt really good, and today i’ve got a nice dull soreness in my legs.  Went back home afterwards, showered, then went over to my boyfriends house, we went and did some shopping, got cat food, got starbucks coffee, then went back home and spent the rest of the day watching movies and relaxing.  OH, and i baked a cake which was

So anyways, today is a rest day for me, tomorrow i have a workout with my trainer after work.  Rest days are always so long and tedious 😉
Ok, gotta get ready for work now, i’ll try and post again later or tomorrow!

The cake i baked on Sunday. Devils Food Chocolate & White Cake marble with buttercream frosting.

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