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Another Monday

Well Monday has rolled around again.  It was a long, but overall good weekend for me.  It was) an ‘off’ weekend for me, so didn’t go to the gym (bad me, i know) but i did get three workouts in during the week and let alone mentally just needed to rest.

Although it wasnt like i didnt do anything active, we (my boyfriend and i) did get out and walked around the neighborhood, it was a gorgeous autumn weekend.  Mostly though, we stayed in and played GTA 5.  🙂

This week though, i beleive i will be doing my 2 personal trainer sessions on tuesday and thursday, then saturday morning i’ll go in for my workout on my own.  Call it somewhat odd, but i hope we do more strength training for my legs this week.  So far i havent had a good leg day workout, and while i know i will be very sore for at least a couple days after, i dont want to skip leg day!  lol

Anyways, gotta finish my breakfast now and then get ready for work.  ttyl!


dog exercising



OMG i can not beleive how sore i am….walking today will be pretty difficult at first.

Anyone have a suggestion for soothing sore muscles?  Arnica is one thing i use, and of course some ibuprofen.
Here are some photos that i find represent me today:

21253_574068272637345_506390996_n  164490_547239618653544_194269393_n

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