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Thanksgiving Update

So i’ve had this post sitting as a draft now for three days. ¬†Day 1, i couldnt figure out what i wanted to write…days 2 & 3, our internet was being very wonky. ¬†Now i can finally sit down for a few minutes and type out this latest update. ¬†ūüôā

Workouts have been going pretty good, last week i went hard on the workouts and was doing pretty good…pushed thru my mind telling me to quit which i am very proud of being able to do, which is something i’ve struggled with alot since i’ve started. ¬†Just stay focused. ¬†Yesterdays workout, that was my problem…i couldnt stay focused. ¬†I had moments where i was focused and did really well, but when i was not doing as well as i know i can do, i wasn’t focused. ¬†Not that i was nessesarily thinking about something else, but my mind was just not in my workout.

One thing i was very proud of being able to do in my workout yesterday, and this is where i was focused the entire time, was doing burpee lifts. ¬†My trainer had me lift the bosu ball over my head, then (while still holding it) throw it down on the ground, then jump down into a push up position and do a regular push up, then jump my legs forward and back up into the lift. ¬†I did a total of 15 of these! ¬†If i take away any positive from my workout yesterday that was it. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Just the fact that i was able to do a regular pushup is a feat in itself! ¬†I’ve only done women’s pushups up thru yesterday.

Overall though, i feel like i’m getting to that mental roadblock at the end of my first 3 months of workouts. ¬†3 months is ALWAYS where i have quit in the past, and in the past i have never gone as hard as i’ve been going these past 3 months, so i am surprised i have actually made it this far already. ¬†I just need to push past my mind wanting to give up, because my body, and my feelings are far from ready to give up at this point. ¬†I’ve come too far already to give up, and i would regret and hate myself if i gave up at this point. ¬†I can not go back to where i used to be. ¬†I’m not even close to where i want to be, but i know it will take time. ¬†I need to be (and i am) thankful for how far i have come so far, and just build on that day to day.

Especially with Thanksgiving being tomorrow, i still need to keep on track with my workouts and eating healthy. ¬†Tomorrows dinner will be very good, which i am making btw. ¬†I’m making spicy turkey loaf with mashed potatoes, corn & green beans, homestyle stuffing and cranberry jelly sauce. ¬†With a pumpkin swirl cheesecake for dessert. ¬†Its all about moderation! ¬†As long as i eat well early in the day (and dont starve myself out in preparation for dinner), and keep my portions controlled at dinner, i will be ok i think ūüėČ ¬†Also going out for a walk around the neighborhood before and/or after will help too.

I will also, on my gym off days, will be doing some exercises with my new resistance bands that i got yesterday.  I need to look up a good routine i can do at home with these.  I did a few this morning based off the workout poster that came with the bands, mainly to stretch out my muscles.

Anywhos…i think this post is long enough now…if you’ve been able to read this far ūüėČ
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Eat heartily but healthy!!!

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November 3 – Photo Update



16lbs total lost
Can now fit into pants I couldn’t fit into a year ago.

Ok, headed to the gym now!

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Monday is here again

Oh monday…its always a love/hate relationship with you, haha. ¬†It means the beginning of a new week, new workouts….but it is Monday, which means back to work.
I wish that it was still the weekend, then again dont we all wish that?

Anyways, i had a pretty good weekend. ¬†Saturday i slept in, which was nice. ¬†Spent the rest of the day just hanging around, being lazy at my boyfriends house. ¬†Though we did go and see the movie Gravity, which was really good. (My boyfriend was/is in the doghouse…so he needed to start to make it up to me). ¬†In the evening went up to our friends place in Santa Rosa, had a couple drinks, played some games, watched movies…had a pretty good time. ¬†Sunday (yesterday) i was able to wake up a bit earlier than i did saturday, though still not as early as i like (why is it that i just cant wake up early on the weekends…hmmm), but was able to get to the gym at a decent time. ¬†Did my cardio workout, which was intense! ¬†But it felt really good, and today i’ve got a nice dull soreness in my legs. ¬†Went back home afterwards, showered, then went over to my boyfriends house, we went and did some shopping, got cat food, got starbucks coffee, then went back home and spent the rest of the day watching movies and relaxing. ¬†OH, and i baked a cake which was

So anyways, today is a rest day for me, tomorrow i have a workout with my trainer after work. ¬†Rest days are always so long and tedious ūüėČ
Ok, gotta get ready for work now, i’ll try and post again later or tomorrow!

The cake i baked on Sunday. Devils Food Chocolate & White Cake marble with buttercream frosting.

Today’s workout – Cardio Day!

– 15 minutes start in Sauna

– 10 minutes on treadmill alternating between walking and running every other minute

– 10 minutes on the row machine

– 10 minutes on the stairmaster

– finish with another 15 minutes in the sauna

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Workout time!

Feel the buuurrrrn!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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So I am actually typing this in the sauna at the gym right now. I figure why not…the sauna makes me focused. Aside from the copious amounts of sweat going down my face and back right now. Lol

Well, had a good workout today on my own.¬† Did a 24 minute mile…not bad!


After I cooled off a bot from the treadmill, went and did my strength training. Mainly worked my back and shoulders, but also my legs, abs and arms a bit too. And of course did all/most of my sets to work my core as well.

I’ve really started to see and feel a difference in my strength, endurance, and just my physical abilities. My pants are very loose on me now, to the point where I really need to invest in a belt. Lol

Sometime in this next week we should be taking my measurements again after a month of hard work.¬† So I’m interested to see how much I’ve lost as far as my measurements go.

Anyways….getting really sweaty here in the sauna so I’m gonna go for now. But before I do, here is another update photo!¬†
Definitely seeing results!!!


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And Monday is done

I hope everyone had a good Monday. ¬†Especially those of you who had to work..luckily for me, i got the day off ūüôā

Had a pretty easy morning…slept in a bit, had my breakfast and coffee as normal. ¬†Around 11am my mom and i decided to go take a drive up silverado trail here in Napa and headed all the way up to Calistoga, stopping here and there to take pictures of the beautiful autumn in wine country scenery. ¬†Went down some of the back back roads, which were fun to explore too. ¬†Here are a few photo’s i took of our little trip:

1377148_10151722643622939_1500817081_n 1392439_10151722642847939_131336553_n 1390604_10151722641592939_1896176038_n 1234597_10151722643237939_575197137_n


These are just the ones i took with my phone, there are more we took on the cameras that we still need to upload.  But needless to say, it was a gorgeous day out.

We stopped for lunch at Buster’s Southern BBQ Joint in Calistoga….mmmmm mmmm mmmmmm!!!!!!! ¬† Love me some bbq tri tip sandwich. ¬†A bit of a splurge, but i dont get up to Calistoga very often, so it is a once in a while treat for me. ¬†BBQ is my weakness… 0_o

Anywho’s, we drove back down hwy 29 in to Napa, did some shopping then headed home. ¬†Once home, got ready for my workout with my trainer.

Ate my preworkout meal of Oatmeal mixed with a scoop of protein powder, yum. ¬†Got to the gym, did my workout, worked mostly upper body, chest, arms, and my legs a bit too…and managed to make it thru my whole hour workout session! ¬†WAHOO! ¬†Sat in the sauna for about 15-20 minutes after my workout, which felt sooo nice ūüôā

Before my workout, took another update photo…i can really start to see the results kicking in…definitely lost weight, and looking a more toned then i did back in early September when i started this journey. ¬†I’ve come a long way since then. ¬†When i started, i couldn’t do full leg raises on my own…now, i can do them mostly unassisted, and only need assist when i’m on the final set and the few final reps of that set. ¬†So i have definately come far, more than i think i really realize at this time.


Weekend Laziness

Well this weekend was a very lazy weekend for me. ¬†Both saturday and sunday i meant to go to the gym for a workout….but both mornings i slept in and had to go do other things. ¬†Once chores were done, i just wanted (and accomplished) to lay around and play GTA 5. ¬†At least i ate mostly healthy this weekend, mainly watching my portions.

But anyways…i have a day off today. ¬†Spending some time with my mom, we’re going to go out to this vineyard a few minutes away from our house to take pictures of the fall colors. ¬†Then going to go do a bit of shopping (i’m in need of new everyday shoes).

I then have a workout session with my trainer at 5:30 today. ¬†Since i’m not working we scheduled it earlier in the day, which will be nice for a change, lol…instead of finishing my workout at 9:00 like if it is after work for me.

But anyways, update on my Cat, Furby Рhe is doing much better now.  Back to his normal self.  He is on steroidal eye drops and antibiotics.  We do not know exactly what virus he contracted, but the fact he is making a full recovery is all i am concerned with.

Anyways…going to go get ready to go out and take pictures and shopping. ¬†Today should be a good day ūüôā

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