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One more thing…

I’ll try to remember to take a new picture of myself to compare to the last ‘update’ picture i took back in November. I did this back in January, when i didnt loose but 2 lbs in 2 months, but the difference was still there.
I’m interested to see what difference there is now ūüôā For sure though, i am dropping pant size! I’m already 2 pant sizes smaller than the biggest pant size i ever had to wear. I just bought some new pants about 3 weeks ago and those are already getting loose too!



Good Workout Yesterday

Had a very good workout yesterday with my trainer.  And the day before i had a good workout on my own too.

I started off doing assisted pull ups…omg that was intense! ¬†But i muscled thru it (no pun intended) ūüėČ ¬†Did 21’s, which i actually enjoyed. ¬†(video of what 21’s are below if you don’t know…but i did them with far less weight than the guy in the video…i beleive i did 20 lbs? ¬†Not quite sure)


But overall, for the workout worked my back, abs, and arms a bit. ¬†The soreness is starting to kick in this morning too, but i’m getting to the point where i enjoy the soreness. ¬†Cant quite describe why, but i suppose it is soothing in a way? ¬†Knowing that i’ve worked those muscles and exhausted them and they are building and getting stronger. ¬†Wow, that was alot of ‘ands’.

Today is a rest day = eat good and keep active, but take it easy ūüėČ ¬† Tomorrow i have another workout with my trainer after work. ¬†He said we’ll be working on cardio, a little bit of weights, just to work the muscles a bit, and we’re doing boxing. ¬†I’m pretty excited about the boxing, as i’ve never done that before.

More than anything, since i’ve started working out, especially with my trainer, i’ve gotten out of my comfort zone. ¬†Which has allowed me to feel more confident that i can do things that i’ve never done before (not just in regards to working out), and that there is something in my life that i can and will accomplish on my own accord and determination.

Until later!

Mental toughness

Today will be a good day. ¬†That is what i will keep telling myself today, i can already tell. ¬†Even just the fact that i know that for the next 2 days in a row i will have workouts with my trainer. ¬†Thats right…2..straight…days…of…trainer workouts. ¬†Come thursday i may be a zombie. ¬†haha. ¬†But that is not the frame of mind i need to be thinking in. ¬†Alot of this journey is a mental challenge, not just a physical one. ¬†Having the right mind set, and being able to focus on something else (like eating fruit instead of that delicious chocolate icecream) really is key. ¬†Telling myself that i will dominate the next 2 days of workouts instead of thinking about just how sore and tired i will be.

I feel that this is what i’m struggling with the most right now….the mental toughness that i need to keep pushing myself and not just give up. ¬†But i know i will push thru it and be stronger not just physically, but mentally.

Well this is all for now, i’ll try to post again tonight after my workout, we’ll see how tired i will be. ¬†I may just pass out on the stairs ;P

(Edit..i just saw this on my facebook newsfeed right after i published this post…kindof goes with my post above)

I will post tomorrow, i swear!

I know i havent posted in a couple days, but i’ve been tired and busy! ūüôā ¬†I didnt even get a chance to update my Picture of the Day…but tomorrow i swear i will do a good update.

Until then, i gotta get to bed, i have 3, yes i said 3 workouts this week with my trainer.  Come Wednesday night i will be able to fall asleep no problem, and Thursday morning i will have completely forgotten how my body felt without being sore.  Haha, but thats a good thing!

G’night everyone.

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