Welcome to my blog!


I started this blog mainly as a way to write about and help motivate my weight loss journey.  My metamorphosis into being the person i have always wanted to be for as long as i can remember.
For as long as i can really remember, i have been overweight to some degree.  At least since age 8 or so, which coincides with my diagnosis of hypothyroidism, i have been a little bit more pudgy than all the other kids my age.  In my teen/adult life, i have never been near having a fit or even healthy weight body.  Now, at age 23, i decided i want to change that for good.  Not just half ass attempt to change my lifestyle and body like i’ve done countless times before, but really change for good, for life.
It wont all be ‘business’ though; i will also post about just the everyday things, food/recipes that i’ve cooked or eated (healthy options of course!)  and you’ll probably also see a few posts here and there about my cats (www.facebook.com/cookieandfurby) and my boyfriend of 6+ years, Hernan.

If you want to know more, please check out the rest of my blog, about me, even my picture of the day.
Please also stop back here to my homepage and rate my blog, let me know how i’m doing 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!


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