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Now on Facebook!

Hey guys! Check it out!
I’ll do daily posts and such on my new facebook page. Dont worry though, i’ll still post on here at least weekly or so!

But if you love me you’ll follow me on facebook too ūüėČ



I dont even know what to title this!

I’m not even sure what to write at the moment. ¬†Its a rainy day, i’m tired, i have a workout tonight. ¬†Yup, that sums it up! ¬†lmao

Ever get that feeling of wanting to not do anything…just close your eyes and sleep? ¬†That is what my afternoon has been like. ¬†I could very easily fall asleep right now sitting here on my break.

But i must stay awake! ¬†I still have to drive and i still have a workout to go to tonight. ¬†I think a 5hr energy shot may be in order here shortly…

I know my workout tonight with my trainer will wake me up. ¬†As soon as i’m about 5 minutes into my cardio warmup i feel much better, more awake, etc. ¬†Just looking outside the window at the rain, it makes me feel so relaxed. ¬†Too relaxed at this point, haha.

Ok…i’m going to stop typing now so i can actually try to keep myself awake. ¬†Wish me luck…

i’ll try to blog again later tonight after my workout…depending on how our internet connection at home is…it has been very bad all weekend.

Photo update.

Starting point:



And where I am today:


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One more thing…

I’ll try to remember to take a new picture of myself to compare to the last ‘update’ picture i took back in November. I did this back in January, when i didnt loose but 2 lbs in 2 months, but the difference was still there.
I’m interested to see what difference there is now ūüôā For sure though, i am dropping pant size! I’m already 2 pant sizes smaller than the biggest pant size i ever had to wear. I just bought some new pants about 3 weeks ago and those are already getting loose too!


Finally! An Update!

Well hello there WordPress world!  Its been a while since my last post.  Since the holidays its been busy and went thru a bit of a lull with my workouts and diet.  Getting sick with the flu a couple times didnt help that either, haha.

But anyways, the last month and a half or so i’ve been back on track with working out, and my diet is coming along. ¬†One thing that has been holding me back still is that i get horrible heartburn. ¬†Like…lasting 6-12 hours heartburn. ¬†The last week it hasnt been nearly as bad, just like annoying indigestion, but it still throws me off my game. ¬†Basically i just need to watch what i eat, but it still varies day by day. ¬†One day i can have rice with brocolli and chicken and be fine…but then the next day if i have the same thing it’ll make my stomach angry. ¬†Thats a good way to put it…angry stomach syndrome, haha!

I had a good workout tonight though. ¬†Usually i dont workout on Monday’s, its my normal grocery shopping day. ¬†But i have some frozen meals in the freezer still so i dont have to worry about that until later this week. ¬†But regardless…my abs are already feeling sore, definitely worked those out pretty hard today. ¬†Legs too, my hamstrings are getting sore too. ¬†I had my protein shake, but didnt go in the sauna as its raining here in Norcal and the mix of a small hot room and cold wet rain once outside would not feel to happy. ¬†

Anyways…just wanted to give a little bit of an update. ¬†As far as my weight and measurements go, i’ve lost another 4 lbs since the end of January, i’ve lost a total of 9 inches off my waist, and i can not only feel myself getting stronger, but i can see the physical changes/results from my hard work and that is further motivating me.

Until next time (which should hopefully be alot sooner than this post from my last post in November!) ttyl!

P.S. ¬†I thank my boyfriend, Hernan, for keeping on reminding me these last few weeks to update my blog. ¬†Without you i wouldnt have the courage and motivation to work on myself or to write about it. ¬†‚̧ Love you baby, forever and always.

November 24 photo update



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Ugh…regretting that pizza

I am regretting eating that pizza tonight. I have heartburn and i feel bloated. I need to eat clean…..simple as that.

Today’s workout – Cardio Day!

– 15 minutes start in Sauna

– 10 minutes on treadmill alternating between walking and running every other minute

– 10 minutes on the row machine

– 10 minutes on the stairmaster

– finish with another 15 minutes in the sauna

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Cardio on an Empty Stomach – Good or Bad?

Photo update

Just wanted to update before I headed off to the gym.


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