Not how i wanted to start the weekend

Well its the end of another long week.  And today was the ‘topper’ to it.

Before leaving for work today i thought to check my tires….turns out my front tires are bad.  The drivers side tire is the worst as its showing the threads.  LOVELY.  So tomorrow morning, bright and early, heading over to the tire shop to find out about getting some new front tires.  I should really get all 4, but i can only afford 2 right now.  Unless i dont want to gas up my car this next week…no bueno.

Add on to that, i know i need new shocks and struts (which very thankfully my dad is going to help me out with…having a mechanic as a dad has its benefits!)  But my bad shocks and struts are probably what helped my front tires get so bad.  Also add on to that, my car is affected by the recall for the ignition problem.  But apparently the parts for that wont be in until sometime in April…so i have to be careful with and worry about that also.

This is NOT how i wanted or expected my weekend to start.

All in all though, as frustrated and stressed as i am about having to deal with spending more money on my car, my Boyfriend came over tonight and took me out on a dinner date, help me forget about all the stressful crap for a while.  We went to one of our favorite pizza places here in Napa, New York Pizza Kitchen.  SUPER good salad and pizza as always is delicious.  I chowed on the salad, and moderated my pizza intake.  But after a week of eating clean and healthy (i’ve got my weigh in next week!) it was nice to have a bit of a cheat day.

I havent weighed myself all month, as i dont want to focus on that number.  I just want to focus on my workouts, eating better and staying focused on my goal.  Even weighing myself once per week, or even every two weeks…i feel like i am going to focus on that number too much (obsess really is how id put it).  I’m just putting in my hard work, and then seeing how much it paid off at the end of the month.  I can definitely see that i am slimmer than at the end of Feb.  So i’m really curious to see where my measurements come in at.  I think Wednesday or Thursday is when we are doing my weigh in/ measurements.  I’ll post as soon as i know!

For now though, going to get a bit of a home workout in before i call it a night.  Work out the last remaining stress so i dont stay up all night worrying.




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