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I dont even know what to title this!

I’m not even sure what to write at the moment. ¬†Its a rainy day, i’m tired, i have a workout tonight. ¬†Yup, that sums it up! ¬†lmao

Ever get that feeling of wanting to not do anything…just close your eyes and sleep? ¬†That is what my afternoon has been like. ¬†I could very easily fall asleep right now sitting here on my break.

But i must stay awake! ¬†I still have to drive and i still have a workout to go to tonight. ¬†I think a 5hr energy shot may be in order here shortly…

I know my workout tonight with my trainer will wake me up. ¬†As soon as i’m about 5 minutes into my cardio warmup i feel much better, more awake, etc. ¬†Just looking outside the window at the rain, it makes me feel so relaxed. ¬†Too relaxed at this point, haha.

Ok…i’m going to stop typing now so i can actually try to keep myself awake. ¬†Wish me luck…

i’ll try to blog again later tonight after my workout…depending on how our internet connection at home is…it has been very bad all weekend.

Sunday Grilling

Just some pics of our grilling adventures today. I forgot to take a pic of before we cleaned the grill. It was pretty rusty. But with vinegar and scrubbing, and then seasoning everything it shined up pretty nice.




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First bbq of the Year

So today we are bringing out the bbq and getting our first grilling in for the year.

Yesterday we pulled the cover off and discovered that the cast iron grill grates are very rusty, so the first thing i’ll be tackling today is derusting the grates and reseasoning them. ¬†I’m going to try de-rusting the grates with simple vinegar. ¬†From what i’ve researched that is the best natural option for de rusting cast iron.

Then, once all the rust is gone, time to reseason.  Spray it all down with oil and get some hot coals going and let it go for a couple hours.

I’ll probably take a few pictures of the process, so i’ll post them up on here probably tonight.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Photo update.

Starting point:



And where I am today:


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Not how i wanted to start the weekend

Well its the end of another long week. ¬†And today was the ‘topper’ to it.

Before leaving for work today i thought to check my tires….turns out my front tires are bad. ¬†The drivers side tire is the worst as its showing the threads. ¬†LOVELY. ¬†So tomorrow morning, bright and early, heading over to the tire shop to find out about getting some new front tires. ¬†I should really get all 4, but i can only afford 2 right now. ¬†Unless i dont want to gas up my car this next week…no bueno.

Add on to that, i know i need new shocks and struts (which very thankfully my dad is going to help me out with…having a mechanic as a dad has its benefits!) ¬†But my bad shocks and struts are probably what helped my front tires get so bad. ¬†Also add on to that, my car is affected by the recall for the ignition problem. ¬†But apparently the parts for that wont be in until sometime in April…so i have to be careful with and worry about that also.

This is NOT how i wanted or expected my weekend to start.

All in all though, as frustrated and stressed as i am about having to deal with spending more money on my car, my Boyfriend came over tonight and took me out on a dinner date, help me forget about all the stressful crap for a while. ¬†We went to one of our favorite pizza places here in Napa, New York Pizza Kitchen. ¬†SUPER good salad and pizza as always is delicious. ¬†I chowed on the salad, and moderated my pizza intake. ¬†But after a week of eating clean and healthy (i’ve got my weigh in next week!) it was nice to have a bit of a cheat day.

I havent weighed myself all month, as i dont want to focus on that number. ¬†I just want to focus on my workouts, eating better and staying focused on my goal. ¬†Even weighing myself once per week, or even every two weeks…i feel like i am going to focus on that number too much (obsess really is how id put it). ¬†I’m just putting in my hard work, and then seeing how much it paid off at the end of the month. ¬†I can definitely see that i am slimmer than at the end of Feb. ¬†So i’m really curious to see where my measurements come in at. ¬†I think Wednesday or Thursday is when we are doing my weigh in/ measurements. ¬†I’ll post as soon as i know!

For now though, going to get a bit of a home workout in before i call it a night.  Work out the last remaining stress so i dont stay up all night worrying.



Getting that morning workout…or not…

How to get started on morning workouts….even just a jog around the vineyard block? 
For the life of me I can’t seem to ever get up early enough to get a morning workout in. Needless to say…I’ve never been a morning person…except for when Saturday morning cartoons were on when I was a little kid.
Hell, I’d like to go to the gym even if I could.  It’s on my way to work.  And they do have showers of course.
But I just can never get up early enough, or if I do I stay in a half asleep state until like, 7:30, which is when I usually get up and get ready for the day. 
A solution must be found.

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Wednesday Workout

Had a good workout tonight. Had Iots of energy and motivation and got thru it!  Booya!!!
I haven’t had a good long workout since Thursday last week, and my trainer said no workout yesterday because I had really bad heartburn ( these stomach issues are reaallly starting to get on my nerves).¬† But today I took some pepcid before I ate lunch and I am heartburn free today.
Today I worked on chest, arms and kegs a bit too. Just an overall most of my body workout. Which is how I like to start off my workout week. Just to get all the gears back in motion from a few days off.

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Monday Afternoon

Happy Monday!  A couple pics I took on my break at work.



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One more thing…

I’ll try to remember to take a new picture of myself to compare to the last ‘update’ picture i took back in November. I did this back in January, when i didnt loose but 2 lbs in 2 months, but the difference was still there.
I’m interested to see what difference there is now ūüôā For sure though, i am dropping pant size! I’m already 2 pant sizes smaller than the biggest pant size i ever had to wear. I just bought some new pants about 3 weeks ago and those are already getting loose too!


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